While the U.S. has one of the most enviable political systems in the world, it is far from perfect.  With each election cycle, the number of average citizens who feel increasingly ignored and irrelevant grows.  How do we as individuals make a difference? 

Following the 2016 election, thousands of everyday people, many of them women, across the country decided to run for office. So what still stands between these women and the offices they seek? 

Represent takes a personal look at the challenges faced by a first time candidate and explores both the internal and systemic barriers to office and what happens after a successful campaign.

REPRESENT includes interviews with women across the political spectrum – from first-time candidates to the Oregon Governor – who relate their personal stories and perspective on the role of women in government.   

REPRESENT follows Rachel Prusak, a nurse practitioner with no previous political experience, during her successful campaign for Oregon State Representative. After her victory over the four term incumbent, the film follows Rachel to the capitol, where we see her balancing her new job as a legislator with caring for her patients.